Is Micro Center Legit? (Can I Trust Them?)

As a PC user, you may be hesitant to buy from new companies, especially with expensive hardware. In this article, we’ll look at Micro Center and see if they’re a scam or if their products are as good as they claim.

With 25 nationwide stores, Micro Center is a legitimate company. In business since 1979, they offer a wide variety of electronics and computing products. They are an authorized service provider for major brands, including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Apple, and HP.

Micro Center is known for its low prices and excellent customer service. They offer a price match policy against most other US PC retailers and provide free lifetime technical support for the products they sell.

Overall, this multi-location store is a reputable and trustworthy company with a long history in the computer industry.

They offer competitive in-store prices with a vast range of components, PC parts, and accessories, making them a good choice for anyone who wants to buy new PC hardware.

Who is Micro Center?

Micro Center is an electronics retailer specializing in computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, and home appliances.

The company has more than two dozen retail locations across the United States and offers a wide range of products and services, including product demonstrations, repairs, and recycling services.

The company was founded in 1979 by John Baker and Bill Bayne, who opened the first store in Columbus, Ohio.

Today, Micro Center is a leading retailer of computers and consumer electronics. The company offers many products, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, stands to help with PC cooling, televisions, digital cameras, drones, home appliances, and more.

Is Micro Center In-Store Only?

No, Micro Center is not in-store only. You can buy a limited range of products directly from their website, but the prices are typically higher than what you would pay in-store.

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Due to limited stock levels, the brand has a policy of offering the best deals at its physical locations, with its bundled CPU and motherboard deals proving very popular.

To see what this online PC store can ship directly to your store, you should select the “Shippable Items” option in the drop-down menu on the website.

If you can get to a local store, then you can always click and collect by reserving an item on the website and picking it up at one of the 25 stores located across the US.

Micro Center has outlets located in the following states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia

As you can see, the company is located in many states across the country, making it easier for you to find a store near you.

Why is Micro Center So Cheap? 

The reason that the prices are so low is that Micro Center wants to encourage in-store visits. The costs for CPUs and bundled components are some of the lowest in the US but are available for local pick-up.

If you compare the prices of the same items on other US retail websites, you’ll see that Micro Center is often 20-30% cheaper, making them an excellent choice for anyone wanting to upgrade their PC or build a new computer from scratch.

Through daily price comparisons, the company can ensure that it offers its customers the best possible prices.

What About the Micro Center Price Match?

Yes, there is a price-matching policy offered by Micro Center. For price matching, the competitor must provide the same model number or the product’s UPC number.

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They must also have the item in stock at the time of the purchase, and if it is available for shipping, they must sell it directly and not through a third-party listing.

Certain products are excluded from price matching, which includes: clearance items, refurbished products, pre-owned items, open-box products, mail-in or instant rebate programs, out-of-stock items, promotional bundles and coupons, and time-limited sales, such as Cyber Monday and Prime Day.

If you want to buy a product that meets these prerequisites, please contact your local Micro Center, or you can go to their website and get in touch with customer services via the comprehensive help center section.

Other Micro Center Services

You can also get the following services from Micro Center:

PC Repair Services:

Micro Center PC Repair Services are performed by OEM and A+ Certified Technicians and can help with any computer repair or service need.

Repairs are completed in each store, giving the customer peace of mind and a quick turnaround.

Walk-ins are welcome at 25 locations, or customers can schedule a service appointment. The services provided by Micro Center PC Repair are essential for anyone who owns a computer and wants to keep it running in top condition.

By having a team of certified professionals, they can be sure that their repairs will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Custom PC Build Services:

Micro Center offers custom PC build services to help you create the perfect gaming rig, workstation, or video editing machine for your needs.

The technicians are experts in building customized PCs and can deliver your completed machine within 4 hours of placing your order.

Whether you’re looking for a high-powered gaming rig or a workstation with specific video editing capabilities, Micro Center can help you build the perfect machine for your needs.

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Data Backup and Recovery Services: 

Micro Center’s data backup and recovery services are an excellent option for anyone looking for comprehensive data services, including backup, disaster recovery, and data migration.

Certified professionals perform the services and can help you protect your data from loss or corruption. Micro Center’s data backup and recovery services are an excellent option for businesses or individuals who want to ensure that their data is safe and sound.

Whether you need files recovered from a broken device or assistance backing up your files to protect against any data loss, give them a call or visit your local store.

Software Services:

Computer software support is available at Micro Center locations. Working with an expert technician, you can bring your device in and get help with any computer software difficulties you may be experiencing.

This includes help with viruses, e-mail setup, and tune-ups. No appointment is necessary so you can come in at your convenience.

Micro Center’s commitment to customer satisfaction means you can expect good service at a fair price.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that Micro Center is legit, it’s important to understand what that means for you as a customer.

The brand offers competitive prices and excellent customer service without any pending order issues being reported.

They are an authorized service provider for major brands so you can trust their products and services. They also offer free technical support for the products they sell.

If you’re in the market for some new electronics or computing gear at low prices, check out Micro Center first.