Does a Laptop Stand Help Cooling? (Answered!)

Laptop stands are becoming more popular as people frequently work from home – but does a laptop stand help cooling?

In most instances, a laptop stand can help with cooling, as raising the device off the work surface enables sufficient air circulation. Some stands even consist of a detachable fan that can be placed at the sides of the laptop, furthering its cooling properties.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of laptop stands and how to prevent your computer from overheating.

How Can You Prevent a Laptop from Overheating?

Investing in a laptop stand is one way of preventing your laptop from overheating. However, you can also try the following tips if you’re worried about the temperature that your computer often reaches:

  • Be sure that you don’t expose your laptop to direct sunlight, as doing so can cause the battery to strain, causing the computer to overheat.
  • If your laptop consists of in-built fans, ensure they operate correctly and are free from dust and other debris.
  • Don’t leave your laptop on charge constantly. Leaving your device connected to its power cable can cause the battery to overheat.
  • Be mindful of the surface on which you use your laptop – using it on a leather couch or your bed, for instance, can cause it to overheat.

Ultimately, there are several ways to prevent your laptop from overheating, and it makes sense to take the above tips on board as you seek to keep your computer cool.

Do All Laptops Overheat?

Overheating is a common problem in laptops, but it’s not necessarily a feature of all devices. Overheating is often caused by an internal hardware problem, blockage, or fault with the device’s fans.

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If you’re using an old laptop with damaged or dirty fans, it’s much more likely to overheat, regardless of its make or model. 

The good news is that buying an adjustable stand is a great way to elevate the laptop and keep it cool.

However, if you buy a stand and your laptop continues overheating, you must take your PC for service.

If it can’t be fixed, it could be time to invest in a new laptop or purchase external monitors and use software such as Synergy to link up.

You don’t want to risk your computer becoming a fire hazard due to frequent overheating.

What are the Main Benefits of a Laptop Stand?

There are several benefits to using a laptop stand, and keeping your laptop cool is just one of them. As well as preventing your device from overheating, laptop stands can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • A laptop stand lifts the screen to a more suitable position, helping to improve your posture and enabling you to be more comfortable at your desk.
  • Laptop stands are lightweight and portable, meaning you can easily transport them between your office and home workstation.
  • Raising your laptop protects your keyboard and screen from spills, pressure marks and mess, which is helpful if you regularly enjoy coffee while working.

So, if you’re looking for a laptop stand to help with cooling, the good news is that you can also enjoy the above advantages, making it a smart purchase for many reasons.

What to Look for in a Laptop Stand?

So many laptop stands are available, meaning it can take time to select the ideal product for your preferences and requirements. 

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From a cooling perspective, you should look for a stand with built-in or detachable fans.

You can find good laptop cooling stands online, many of which come with quiet LED fans perfect for preventing your laptop from overheating. 

Fans should be your number one priority if you’re looking for a laptop stand for its cooling properties above all else.

The best laptop stands are adjustable, enabling you to set your device at the most appropriate height.

You should also look for a laptop stand that is lightweight and portable, making your life easy when you transport your laptop from one place to another.

However, there are so many other features available that are worth considering.

What About a Laptop Cooling Pad?

There’s undoubtedly a crossover between laptop cooling pads and laptop stands, and many think they’re interchangeable. But in reality, a cooling pad is designed explicitly with in-built fans and is a flat surface on which you place your laptop.

As such, it doesn’t come with the same properties and features as a laptop stand and isn’t height adjustable.

While it keeps your laptop cool, it doesn’t necessarily offer you any other benefits associated with laptop stands, as introduced above.

Ultimately, deciding whether to opt for a cooling pad or a laptop stand is up to you. However, due to the myriad benefits of laptop stands and the fact that they’re adjustable and portable, they’re perhaps a better choice than cooling pads.

Use a Stand to Prolong the Life of Your Laptop!

The bottom line is that laptop stands can undoubtedly help with cooling. They raise your laptop from the surface of your workstation, enabling sufficient airflow in and around your device, which prevents it from overheating.

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You should also ensure that you keep your laptop away from direct sunlight and only charge it when necessary, as these tips will also contribute to keeping your computer cool.