What is the Wavesor Browser Software? (6 Facts!)

The Wave browser uses a Chromium-based platform and can be potentially malicious. The Wave browser was developed by Wavesor software (a subsidiary of Genimous Technology Co. Ltd) as an alternative to the more popular legitimate browsers Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The browser can be downloaded and installed on the official website but is considered a potentially unwanted and dangerous program.

Should you use the Wave browser application? Because of this, many people are uncertain about its safety.

Let’s get down to business and find out everything there is to know about this program.

1. Is the Wave Browser Safe to Use?

Many know the Wave Browser as malicious and is not recommended for use. The fundamental reason is that it is considered a potentially unwanted and dangerous program (PUP). A PUP is a type of software that is not malicious but may be intrusive or bundle other programs without the user’s knowledge.

A PUP may also change your system or proprietary browser settings without your permission.

They are often downloaded as part of a free software program and then installed without the user’s knowledge.

The three main types of PUP you should be aware of are malware, spyware, and adware, all of which can potentially cause a great deal of harm to your PC system.

Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to the more well-known options. In that case, there is Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, or OperaGX, both of which are much safer choices.

Other, more popular, and trustworthy internet browsers will better protect your computer and your privacy.

2. Is Wave Browser a Virus?

No, the Wave browser is not a virus itself. A computer virus is a software program that can affect a user’s operation by spreading from one computer to another. It can also corrupt or delete data on a user’s hard disk.

As explained above, Wave is just an internet browser that can install unwanted extras. Such as annoying pop-ups and suspicious links to other programs that could steal your private information.

You might think your PC is infected with a virus. In that case, you should run a full system scan with an antivirus program.

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Alternatively, please take it to a local PC repair center, where they can check for malicious software.

3. Is the Wave Browser a Microsoft Product?

No, Microsoft is not related to Wave browser or Wavesor software. There are only two types of official internet browsers from MS – these are Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Users think it is a Microsoft-licensed product because Wave Browser is often installed on computers as part of a free software program that includes other Microsoft products.

Also, Wave seems legit. If you check the official website, everything looks professional, including trust badges and security information.

If you download Wave at work then your network security should flag it as unsafe, causing some embarrassment.

Advanced systems such as Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) are automatically updated to scan for potential new threats on the network.

4. How Does the Wave Browser Get Installed?

The most common way Wave software gets installed is when users click on checkboxes by mistake when downloading and installing other software programs.

Bundled software often contains unwanted programs such as Wave.

PC users should always take care when installing software. If in doubt, always choose the custom installation option and then deselect any pre-checked boxes for programs you don’t want.

5. How Do I Get Rid of Wave Browser?

Whether Wave browser was installed on purpose or if the software may have been installed as part of a bundle, finding an easy solution to get rid of the software you want to remove is very important.

When it comes to uninstalling Wave browser, the best way is to use a trustworthy program like Malwarebytes to remove it and other PUPs you may have installed on your computer allowing for simple removal.

You can download the free version and start a scan which will soon detect and remove any additional software that may be harmful from your machine.

It has a good antivirus scanner and various protection tools, including a browser extension that can help prevent online threats.

The premium version is excellent and offers decent protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats.

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You can also try to remove Wave manually, but this could be pretty complicated and time-consuming. If you’re unsure how to do this, leaving it to a professional is probably best.

6. Who Owns Wave Browser?

The Wave browser was developed by Wavesor software, a company known for creating potentially unwanted programs (PUP). This has caused some concern among users, as PUPs are often associated with adware, spyware, and other types of malware.

The ownership of the Wave browser is attributed to Wavesor software, which has raised questions about whether the browser is safe and reliable. Many users are hesitant to use the Wave browser due to its association with a company known for creating PUPs.

Despite this, the Wave browser has gained some popularity for its features and functionality. However, users should be cautious when using this browser, as its ownership by a company known for creating PUPs could potentially put their personal information at risk.

It’s important for users to be aware of the potential risks and to take necessary precautions when using Wave browser. 


Wave Browser is not recommended to use. Although Wave browser has features that, on the surface, might appeal, such as advanced search, HTTPS checker, and a quick and easy menu system, these are not worth the risk.

The reality is that this Wave browser can also potentially install other unwanted programs and malware onto your computer, risking serious complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Wavesor Browser Software?

A: Wave browser is a potentially unwanted web browser developed by Wavesor. It is a potentially malicious browser and is often categorized as a browser hijacker or malware due to its intrusive behavior. Luckily most antivirus software can catch it and hinder it from doing anything malicious.

Q: How can I Remove the Wave Browser on Windows?

A: You can uninstall the Wavesor Browser Software like any other program on your computer. Go to the Control Panel, find the Wave Browser in the list of installed programs, and select “Uninstall.” This will remove it from your computer and from being your default browser. Following the steps above will have all the files associated with Wave Browser from your computer permanently deleted.

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Q: Is Wavesor Browser a virus or malware?

A: While Wavesor Browser is not classified as a virus, it is often flagged as a potentially unwanted program due to its intrusive nature. It may exhibit browser-hijacking behavior and display unwanted ads, which can be considered malware-like activity.

Q: Is it safe for regular use?

A: While Wave Browser is a Chromium-based browser and not technically a virus, its behavior may still be considered intrusive and unwanted. It’s generally recommended to use reputable and trusted web browsers to ensure a safe browsing experience.

Q: Can Wavesor Browser be considered a browser hijacker?

A: Yes, Wavesor Browser is often classified as a browser hijacker due to its ability to modify browser settings without user consent and redirect users to unwanted websites.

Q: What should I do if I suspect my computer is infected with the Wavesor Browser virus?

A: If you suspect your computer is infected with the Wavesor Browser virus, you should run a reputable anti-malware software scan to detect and remove any potential threats, including the Wave Browser. Be wary about potential software bundling as if you have accidentally downloaded the Wave browser and other potentially unwanted software applications.

Q: How do I uninstall Wave Browser app and any associated files?

A: Browser removal has never been easier, to be able to remove Wave Browser and any associated files, you can uninstall the program through the Control Panel simply click Wave Browser and remove, then search for and delete any remaining related files and folders in your file explorer. After completing an uninstall check through your device’s registry to make sure all remnants are completely removed.

Q: How does Wavesor Browser differ from other web browsers like Chrome or Firefox?

A: Wavesor Browser may be similar to Chrome, but it may exhibit behavior that is considered unwanted, such as browser hijacking and displaying intrusive ads. This sets it apart from more reputable browsers like Chrome or Firefox.