Is Geek Squad Expensive? (& Worth the Cost?)

When dealing with expensive gadgets, it can be tricky to know when to repair them and when to replace them, especially if you’re not sure what the repair will cost. That’s where Geek Squad comes in but is it worth the price?

Here, we’ll look at what Geek Squad does, what they charge, and whether or not their services are worth the money.

Overall, Geek Squad offers value for money for its yearly subscription plan (Totaltech), including appliance and tech repairs, discounts, and 24/7 support. However, their one-time repair services can be expensive depending on the issue.

Totaltech is an excellent option for those with multiple gadgets or appliances that need to be covered. This protection allows for a maximum of two claims in twelve months, each with its service fee if it falls outside the manufacturer’s warranty period.

The fees charged are relative to the product’s price at the point of purchase.

What is Geek Squad?

Geek Squad has been associated with Best Buy since 2002. Its primary purpose is to offer support for electronic devices and appliances.

This can include helping customers set up their products, answering questions about how to use them, and fixing any problems that may occur.

Geek Squad is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year through their website, phone line, and in-store locations. 

This service is aimed more at providing technical support and one-off repairs rather than hardware cover and protection.

How Much Does Geek Squad Cost?

Geek Squad has a varied pricing structure for PC-related cover depending on the service you need. One-off prices for common computer repair and installations include:

  • Computer repairs: around $90 plus the cost of PC parts.
  • Virus and malware removal: about $150
  • Remove wanted anti-virus software: about $40
  • Remote PC tune-up to improve performance: about $40.
  • Home Wi-Fi installation and setup: about $150.
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As you can see, the costs can quickly add up, which is why their yearly subscription service (Totaltech) offers better value if you want comprehensive protection coverage for all your gadgets.

What Does Totaltech Include?

For an annual fee of just $199.99, Totaltech provides product protection for up to 24 months for most products. This coverage protects against accidental damage, spills, electrical surges, and more.

Members can receive free delivery and standard installation on new Best Buy purchases.

The VIP access to dedicated phone and chat teams offered through the program allows members to get help with their purchases faster and more efficiently.

The exclusive Totaltech prices allow members to save money on products from Best Buy, a good alternative to another decent PC store, Micro Center. Finally, the free 2-day shipping on most products makes it easy for users to get the products they need without waiting long periods.

How Does Geek Squad Compare to Other Computer Repair Services?

It’s fair to say that Geek Squad has a good reputation for being a reliable and affordable computer repair service. In terms of price, they compete against other national tech support services such as iYogi and uBreakiFix.

One advantage of Geek Squad over its competitors is that it’s widely available. With nearly 1,000 Best Buy stores across the United States, a Geek Squad location will likely be near you.

This is in contrast to services like iYogi, which are only available online. uBreakiFix has many physical locations but focuses more on mobile device repairs than general computer support.

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Another advantage that Geek Squad has is its association with Best Buy. This means that users can take their devices to a store and get help from someone in person if they need it.

Overall, we would say that this all-in-one tech support service is an excellent option for anyone looking for a reliable computer repair service. Their competitive prices and protection plans offer excellent value for money.

What About the Reviews Geek Squad?

With over 3 thousand verified purchases of Geek Squad that averages out at 4.5 stars from 5, it’s pretty apparent they’re providing a service people want and are happy with.

A few verified reviews mention that they have used Geek Squad more than once and have been happy with the service each time; others state that they would recommend Geek Squad to others.

Some positive review highlights include:

  1. High level of expertise, covering a wide range of tech gear. 
  2. Polite, pleasant, and helpful staff.
  3. Happy with the blanket coverage of all items purchased with GS.
  4. Customers would recommend this service to a friend.

What Could be Better at GS?

To improve, Geek Squad could reduce its pricing for one-off services, particularly the PC-Tune Up, which seems a little on the high side when typically, these services often don’t work as intended.

It’s difficult to blanket criticize a support and repair network that covers the entire US. The level of competence, in many ways, would depend on the staff at your local Best Buy store – you could be unlucky and get someone who is relatively clueless.

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But looking at the Geek Squad reviews, these cases are sporadic and often fixed relatively quickly. Geek Squad is an excellent option if you’re looking for an all-in-one tech support service.

Their prices are competitive, they offer excellent value for money, and they have a wide coverage area. In terms of customer satisfaction, they have one of the best reputations in the industry.