What is Blackmagic Software? (and is it FREE?)

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the basics of Blackmagic Design software, explain what it can do, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your workflow.

Blackmagic produces two propriety software programs for video editing. Da Vinci Resolve and Media Express are tools for color correction, grading, visual effects, batching, and organizing video content. They are best used in conjunction to create a complete video workflow from start to finish. 

Let’s take a closer look at each program.

1. Da Vinci Resolve


Da Vinci Resolve is a professional non-linear editing software suite for color grading, digital editing, audio post-production, and visual effects. It is used by Hollywood filmmakers, independent video editors, and YouTubers.

The software has four main modules which are used for different purposes:

Edit Module

Edit is a powerful tool that can be used by professional editors to create a story and manage their footage. It features drag-and-drop editing and multiple other sub-apps that industry professionals commonly use.

The speed of DaVinci Resolve is due to its automatic trim cursor, which automatically changes its position whenever you click on the timeline.

This feature makes creating professional work for online streaming and broadcast television easier. Its edit page also has dozens of titles and transitions, making it incredibly easy to create videos.

Color Module

The color page allows you to create vibrant and artistic effects that significantly affect a scene’s mood. It’s a potent tool for anyone interested in learning how to color.

With hundreds of tools, you can easily experiment with color and create professional results.

With support for various formats, including wide color range and high dynamic range images, you can create amazing images with DaVinci Resolve. Its 32-bit processing engine allows you to achieve exceptional results.

The first step in color correction is to balance the color. This process is carried out with the help of the primary tools located on the screen’s left side. They can affect the entire image and remove unwanted highlights.

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The four wheels in the palette are mapped to a specific part of the range. You can drag and click inside the wheel to change its color or use the master dial below it to set the overall level. The controls for adjustment, log, and primary bars are also included.

Once the shots are balanced, you can start the creative process of creating unique looks.

Fusion Module

The Fusion page is a powerful tool that allows you to create amazing motion graphics and visual effects. It’s built into the software and features a node-based workflow that enables you to work with hundreds of 3D and 2D tools.

It’s ideal for quick fixes and Hollywood-caliber effects. It is good for anyone working as a single person or a professional editor, as it eliminates the need for you to send multiple graphics and visual effects shots to other systems.

It’s also powerful because it features a single-click interface that allows you to move between various tools in its suite seamlessly.

With Fusion, you can easily create 3D animations, pull clean keys on a green screen, and design lower thirds. It can also be used to make multiple masks and multiple color corrections.

This feature makes it incredibly easy to create complex secondary color corrections.

Fairlight Module

The world’s first audio post-production software that’s fully integrated with picture editing is Fairlight. It’s designed to be incredibly easy to use and comes with a powerful and intuitive single-click interface.

This feature makes it an ideal tool for anyone working on large projects.

The professional tools included in Fusion are designed to help you create various types of audio and video content. It has multiple audio and video recording tools, a dialog replacement tool, and diverse dynamics processing features.

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It’s also easy to start learning Fairlight by clicking the arrow and selecting the appropriate tools.

If you’re a professional audio and video editor, you’ll also want to add the Fairlight Desktop Console to your collection.

DaVinci Resolve is a free, powerful video editing and color grading software that can be used for various tasks, from intermediate workflows to standalone end-to-end video editing. 

It offers high-quality results and can be used on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

2. Blackmagic Media Express


Media Express is included with all of the DeckLink models, and it comes with various features that help you organize, playback, and capture videos.

You can also create bins, add metadata, and manage your library.

It’s ideal for working with programs such as After Effects CC and Final Cut Pro X. It supports high-quality professional video formats, making it suitable for both consumers and video editors working on their projects.

This is especially important if they are planning on doing green screen work or if they are going to be encoding video for web, DVD, and Blu-ray content.

It can capture up to 10 or 8bit video in various formats, including SD, 8K, and 10K.

High-quality compressed formats are ideal for professional videos or online stories via Microsoft Sway but require a lot of storage space.

With Media Express, you can use the latest compressed formats to get great-looking videos in smaller files, which helps speed up the processing of your media.

If you’re using a Mac, it supports the Apple ProRes codec, which is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and other software.

You can also play back videos using different software such as MJPEG, DNxHD, and DVPRO.

Is Blackmagic Software Free?

Blackmagic Media Express and Da Vinci Resolve standard versions are free to download and use. The premium studio version of Da Vinci has additional features and costs $295.

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The paid version can handle up to 120 frames per second (vs. 60 on free) with a 32K resolution. It also supports multiple GPUs and hardware decoding and encoding H.265 and H.264 formats.

It features a variety of audio tools, such as Dolby Vision and the HDR10+.

Blackmagic Media Express is also included free with all of the DeckLink models.

Click here to download the free version of Da Vinco Resolve.

Click here to download Blackmagic Media Express.

How Do I Update Blackmagic Software?

The support center of Blackmagic Design is where you can find all kinds of helpful information and software updates. If you need additional help, join the community forum and ask for assistance.

To update firmware, device drives, and apps, check the “latest downloads” section on the first tab.

The forum is a great place to start if you have questions about using or troubleshooting Blackmagic software. It’s also a great way to give back and help other users struggling with the same issues as you.

Who is Blackmagic?

Based in Port Melbourne, Australia, Blackmagic Design is a manufacturer and designer of digital cinema equipment.

It mainly produces high-end cameras and related hardware, such as cinema and broadcast equipment, and also develops software like Fusion and DaVinci Resolve.

As part of Netflix’s Post Technology Alliance, which includes the URSA and the DaVinci Resolve, in 2018, Blackmagic Design was able to participate in various categories.

The following year, the company partnered with Apple to create the eGPU, which was exclusively sold through the Apple Store for the first six months.

The second model, the eGPU Pro, was also exclusively sold through the Apple Store.