TidyCal vs. Calendly (Which is Best?)

If you’re looking for a complete and comprehensive scheduling solution for your business, this TidyCal vs. Calendly review is well worth a read.

But, before we compare, which online calendar is best? 

TidyCal and Calendly enable you to create online calendars for your business, with a range of handy features to make scheduling much more straightforward.

Generally, TidyCal is the cheaper option with sufficient features for most businesses, but Calendly is much more comprehensive and offers greater functionality.

Which of these excellent calendars is the best option to help your business with its scheduling needs?

Why Choose Calendly?

Calendly is widely regarded as one of the best productivity apps on the market, enabling users to create, share, and manage their schedules effortlessly. To get a feel for Calendly, you can set up a free account, although you’re restricted to one live event at a time.

However, should you choose Calendly for your business, you will benefit from the following features:

  • 2 Calendar connections per person and unlimited active events. 
  • Customized booking links.
  • The ability to set up group events and receive automated event notifications.
  • A collect payments feature that you can connect via Stripe & PayPal.
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for enhanced use of the service.

Ultimately, Calendly is feature-rich, and this is what helps it to stand apart. 

As far as online calendars are concerned, Calendly is one of the best available – but how does TidyCal compare?

Why Choose TidyCal?

Ultimately, TidyCal and Calendly are very similar products. However, TidyCal isn’t as feature-rich as Calendly, which is reflected in the price point. If you opt for TidyCal, you can expect the following features:

  • Meeting scheduling and up to ten calendar connections per account.
  • Basic customization so you can tailor TidyCal to the aesthetics of your brand.
  • Integration with Zapier.
  • Confirmation email, meeting reminders, and easy cancellation and rescheduling options.
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One of the most notable differences between the two products is that TidyCal lacks the customized email notifications and automated workflows that are key features of Calendly. 

But how do the two compare in terms of price?

Calendly vs. TidyCal – A price comparison

Calendly and TidyCal are paid calendars, and you must sign up for a subscription plan to get the most out of each product. If you’re interested in Calendly, here are the pricing options:

  • Basic – Free.
  • Essentials – $8 per month, per user.
  • Professional – $12 per month, per user.
  • Teams – $16 per month, per user.
  • Enterprise – a solution for large teams – price on request.

Calendly offers all users a 14-day free trial, enabling you to get a feel of the plans before signing up.

But what TidyCal? Rather than a monthly model, TidyCal employs a lifetime subscription plan

At the time of writing, the lifetime TidyCal plan is just $29.00, an incredible price for the app’s functionality!

So, you can get a lifetime subscription to TidyCal for the same price as two months of a team’s subscription to Calendly.

With this in mind, TidyCal offers much better value for money than Calendly and is one of the reasons for its incredible popularity in recent times.

Which is better – Calendly or TidyCal?

Due to the incredible value of TidyCal, we suggest that signing up for a lifetime plan is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for an effective scheduling tool that doesn’t break the bank.

The one-time fee of just $29 represents exceptional value for money, particularly when compared to the cost of the monthly plans offered by Calendly.

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So, if you’re not concerned that TidyCal lacks some of Calendly’s features, press ahead with the lifetime plan.

However, for bigger businesses and operators looking for a much broader spectrum of features, Calendly is the better option.

Therefore, you need to consider what you’re looking for in a calendar before deciding which products to go for.

What About Alternative Online Calendars?

Of course, Calendly and TidyCal aren’t the only two online calendars that can increase your productivity. If you’re not sold on either, here are some decent alternatives to check out before making your decision:

  • Sprintful: Simple yet effective scheduling tool that integrates with Zapier, Zoom, Google Meet, and others. From $9 per month for a basic plan.
  • MixMax: An effective scheduling tool for effortlessly booking meetings and appointments with your team members. From $12 per month for a starter plan.
  • Meetingbird: Powerful meeting scheduling app with Google and Slack integration. Pro plan from $9 per month.
  • 10to8: An excellent appointment scheduling option with a customizable booking page. Free for small businesses (up to two users per month), while the basic plan starts at $12.

So, as you can see, there are many alternatives to Calendly and TidyCal, ensuring that you have many choices when choosing the best online calendar for your business.


When looking into TidyCal vs. Calendly, we mustn’t look past the incredible value offered by TidyCal.

For just $29, you have lifetime access to an excellent scheduling and calendar app, which will increase your productivity.

However, if you need more advanced features and run a large business or organization, you will benefit from the broader range of features included within each Calendly plan as standard.