Is Newegg Trustworthy? (Read Before You Buy!)

Is Newegg a trustworthy source for your tech needs? Millions of people have put their trust in this online retailer, but is it really worth it?

Newegg has been a trustworthy retailer of technology items since 2001, boasting reasonable prices and quality merchandise. Although Newegg might not always have the lowest prices available, you can be confident that what you’re paying is fair.

In this article, we’ll explore why this store is a trustworthy retailer of tech products. We’ll also examine some pros and cons of doing business with this company.

Who is Newegg?

Newegg carries various technology products, including computers, tablets, televisions, and smartphones, and offers competitive prices on their products.

There are sales and discounts available, particularly around Black Friday where shoppers can find great deals.

The store offers a wide variety of brands and products to choose from, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Often overlooked, the site has a comprehensive software section that offers a good selection of business software, such as older versions of Quicken and other finance programs.

Newegg also has a customer service department that can help with refunds, returns, and technical questions.

They have a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily browse and purchase items, as well as review their orders quickly and accurately.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Wide Selection: The website carries many technology products, so you will likely find what you’re looking for including software, hardware like HyperX Mics, sports goods, home audio, cell phones, PC gear, and even office furniture.

Competitive Prices: Newegg often has competitive prices on its products. In some cases, they may even have the lowest prices available. The best deals are usually around the Black Friday event in November.

Sales and Discounts: Newegg frequently offers deals and discounts on their products. So if you’re looking to save money, they’re a great option.

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While there are many reasons to consider buying technology products from this online store, there are also some potential downsides to keep in mind:

Customer Service: In some cases, Newegg’s customer service can be less than satisfactory.  It may be challenging to resolve if you have a problem with your order. You might want to check out our TigerDirect review before you commit to a Newegg purchase.

Delivery Speed: Delivery is generally slower than some of its competitors. If you need your product quickly, look elsewhere such as Microcenter.

Does Newegg Have a Store?

No, Newegg does not have any physical stores. The company operates several warehouse locations across the United States, which offer shoppers faster delivery times than most retailers. The only way to purchase any products from the brand is through their website, which runs tons of offers.

In addition to standard product offerings, their website also runs a custom PC builder where you can select parts from a wide range of their inventory.

This page allows you to check their compatibility, ensuring you will be fine when you order.

However, if PC building is not for you, they offer many pre-built gaming PCs amongst all their other tech products.

To ensure you’re purchasing a suitable pre-built PC, they have a page called ‘gaming PC finder.’

This page is where you can select the games you want to play and the resolution, and they will show you different builds at different price points for you to choose from.

Why is Newegg So Cheap?

Newegg is affordable for several reasons. The company maintains a massive inventory; as a result, Newegg can locate superb deals and extend savings to customers.

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Since this brand only operates online, the company avoids overhead costs that other businesses might face, such as rent or employee wages.

Although Newegg is a great place to buy your tech, it might not always be the cheapest option. Before you finalize your purchase, compare prices across different retailers.

Some online stores like Amazon can often offer excellent general tech deals, from PC parts to controllers for a console.

It’s essential to check many different stores to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

There are many fantastic price comparison websites for tech. Places like ‘Price‘ compare many different retailers’ prices on various products.

However, Price isn’t the best for pricing PC parts, and it’s recommended the use the price comparison within the PC part picker.

Can Newegg Build Your PC?

Newegg offers pre-built PCs for you. However, if you want a custom PC, you must go through their website and build it yourself when the parts arrive at your home. Newegg used to offer a PC building service; however, a part picker system replaced that.

If you are still interested in getting a custom-built PC, It is recommended to build your own. Many people who have made their PC in the past would say it is not hard.

Building a PC in the modern day is like expensive LEGO!

First, you can use tools such as Newegg’s ‘Custom PC Builder’ or head over to PC part picker. These tools help you choose the perfect parts to match your budget while ensuring everything is compatible.

Once you have finished picking all your parts and have had them shipped, building a PC is relatively straightforward.

It might be overwhelming initially, but there are many guides all over the internet from trusted PC enthusiasts.

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When building your PC, please take a couple of hours to do it so you can go at your own pace and follow some guides.

Overall, building your PC can be a fun and rewarding project and save you money in the long run.

Where Does Newegg Ship From?

Newegg ships from various warehouses throughout the United States, allowing them to ship products quickly and efficiently to customers all over the country. Some of their products even come with a 30-day return, so it’s an easy resolution if they get damaged in the post.

Like most online tech retailers, Newegg offers free shipping on orders with the ability to pay more for faster shipping.

However, since Newegg also runs a fulfillment program, prices on shipping from different stores might vary.

Since Newegg runs a fulfillment program, not only might the postage cost vary, but in rare cases, the product could also take longer than the standard three days.

It’s essential to check on the checkout screen to make sure that everything will get to you in the time you need it.

The website also runs a very generous return policy. You can return items with the Newegg Hassle-free Returns badge within 30 days of receiving your order.

Some restrictions, such as digital downloads and specific computer hardware, are marked on the product page.

Final Thoughts

So, is Newegg a trustworthy retailer? The answer is yes. You can find better deals on some products, but for the most part, Newegg is very reliable. However, it’s not always the cheapest.

When shopping for tech, comparing prices between different retailers before making a purchase is essential.

Some online stores like Amazon can often offer excellent general tech deals, from PC parts to controllers for a console so always compare prices before making a purchase.