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HS Staff Manager 2.1

(EUR. 165.00)


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key features

Create and store detailed staff data
Navigate employee records easily
Track annual holiday usage
Print out employee records
Export employee data to a text file
Use pre-defined or create your own teams, departments and job titles
Convenient Company Phone List view
Phone list can be sorted, printed out or exported to text file
Generate extensive reports: company statistics snapshot, employee lists by team, department, job title, by start date.
Access to database can be setup on username / password basis with multiple users and priveledges
Comprehensive online help


Staff Manager allows to track annual holiday usage by each employee

Reports view provides a company snapshot and a selection of reports. All reports output and company snapshot statistics can be printed out or exported to text file

Company Phone List can be sorted by any field, fir example by department or team and can be printed out or exported to a text file


Hillstone Software provides additional services for customization, porting and integration of the library code to better suit the needs of your products




Staff Manager is database software which enables enterprise user to more efficiently store, categorize, find and retrieve employee information, track annual holiday usage by each employee, print out and export employee records, manage department and team list and maintain company telephone contact list.



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